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Product Care

Always follow the recommendations given by the care symbols supplied with your soft furnishings and upholstery

Light fastness

Curtains and blinds should always be lined to protect from fading. Always protect furniture from exposure to strong sunlight.


All woven fabrics will shrink to some extent  when washed or dry cleaned. Some of the shrinkage caused when washing can be regained by ironing the fabric while still damp and gently stretching the fabric. Tumble drying should be avoided whenever possible as it can cause creasing and shrinkage.


Curtains should always be made with an adequate hem, loosely tacked until after the first washing or cleaning. Side seams or attached linings should be hand slipped to allow for differential movement between face fabric and lining. Always use a thread of the same fibre as the fabric you are sewing. Curtains may shrink or extend in use owing to fluctuations in atmospheric temperature and/or humidity. Make sure that curtains do not hang too close to windows or radiators where either excessive moisture from condensation or excessive heat and dryness can have dramatic effects in terms of dimensional stability and soiling.


Full hanging instructions are printed on the reverse of the labels which are enclosed with every roll. Please read and follow these instructions carefully.When buying wallpaper ensure that you order sufficient rolls to complete a particular job as there may be differences in shade between different batches of wallpaper. Always state the batch number if it is necessary to order extra wallpaper.

Wallpapers are made from natural materials and may contain small blemishes. This is normally not a problem as isolated marks can be cut round without undue wastage

Always use the correct adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid getting any paste on to the surface of the wallpaper .


When furniture has loose seat and back cushions, plump them up daily. It is advisable to turn cushions monthly to prevent uneven or excessive wear.

Fixed upholstery should be cleaned in situ by a professional cleaning specialist. Avoid using spot cleaning with proprietary products.

Please be aware that separate cleaning of removable seat & back cushions may result in a colour difference to the rest of the furniture.


Always follow the washing instructions on the label.

Limit use of fabric conditioners on towels as they can reduce absorbency.

Avoid contact with products containing bleaching agents

Carpets and Rugs

Always remove spills and stains immediately. Scrape off as much of the spilled moisture or substance with a spoon or knife working from the edge to the centre of the spot. Dab with absorbent paper do not rub. Do not make the spot too wet. Dry carpet thoroughly after removing the spot

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